Which hosting plan is better for high performance in cheap price

Today we will answer, the most asked question ( Which hosting plan is better ).In the beginning, it is very tough to select the right hosting plan for our website. Because many of us in starting do not have an idea about bandwidth, page size, and other technical stuff. I also have spent lots of money in search of the right hosting plan. Today I will answer your questions in every possible way I can.


Which hosting plan is better at a cheap price


First of all you have to understand some terms.

How to calculate bandwidth requirement

For your running sites, calculating your estimated bandwidth is easy:

See below infographics for deep understanding –

Bandwidth calculation trick
Bandwidth calculation trick for Best hosting plan

For example –

If your page size is of 1 mb ( mega bytes ) and 1 lakh visitors are coming to your site with 2 average page views. Then bandwidth requirement would be ( 1 mb multiply by 1 lakh multiply by 2 ) is 2 lakh mb .

As we know

1024 kb = 1 Mb

1024 MB = 1 Gb

1024 GB = 1 Tb

So 2 lakh MB is equal to 200 GB. So you require 1 TB Of bandwidth in your hosting.

You might be thinking that there is a huge difference.

This is because traffic can increase at any time due to some factors. And you should have a backup plan to avoid your hosting account from banning.


Now we are going with the above data.

If you have that much traffic on your website which we have written above. Then according to my experience

1. A2 Hosting

2. Cloud hosting from ResellerClub is way better than any other plan.

Because it is reliable and also it can hold 500 visitors at a single time in a single second. Which is another great thing?

In my point of view cloud hosting from the reseller club will be an awesome choice if you want to handle up to 5 lakh monthly visitors.


You can calculate your requirement by putting your numbers in the formula above. If you still have a problem then comment below, I will happily answer them.

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