Valueimpression Review, Payment Proof, Earning Report

Valueimpression is one of the best ad network available for high traffic websites. They work with more than 100 advertisers and bidders to give the best advertisement possible on blogs.

I came to know about this network when my AdSense was disabled. They have contacted me for business collaboration and offer me to make money by running their ads on my website.

I seriously don’t know about them but I gave a try because I don’t have another option. Now I think I have done a good job by choosing them as they have given more revenue.


Valueimpression Review and My earning report

You can use this network for various languages other than English. My blog is in the Hindi language that’s why my earning report will vary from English blog earning. The second thing is I was also using another ad network with this network on my website.

By keeping these two things in mind let’s move to the earning report

  • I have used value impressions for two months and the results are impressive.
  • In the first month, using it for 15 days that’s why earning is low which is around 100 dollars.
  • However, in the second month, my website got 4 lakh visitors and 6 lakh page views for which I made nearly $200.

If you have an English blog then you must be thinking that this is low but for a Hindi language blog this much earning is far better than AdSense or any other network I have used personally.


Valueimpression Payment proof

I got an email from the marketing head of the value impression team through which they have invited me to join their network. But at that time I had lots of confusion about this network because I never gave a second thought about any other network than Google AdSense and

I searched on Google about value impression payment proof after which I got no satisfactory results. That’s why I am uploading my payment proof so that no one has to roam around getting nothing.

Valueimpression payment proof
Valueimpression payment proof

The payment came to my account the same day they delivered on my Payoneer account.


Valueimpression Payment methods

Payment is done fromĀ  1 to 10th of the next month the amount you earned this month. They pay you through various methods such as Paypal, Payoneer, bank transfer.

In my case, I have used Payoneer to get paid faster. Also, they charge less during converting currencies from USD to INR.


Positive of this ad network

There are various positives and negatives of this ad network. I am listing below one by one everything you need to know about the pros and cons of this network.

Firstly we will start with the pros of this network

  1. The Valueimpression website or personal dashboard is Easy to manage and navigate.
  2. Great earning potential.
  3. Payment on time.
  4. Excellent support.
  5. This ad network worked on the Banned Adsense website.
  6. Payment through Payoneer and Paypal.
  7. Ad codes are clean and quick to load.
  8. Video ads are available which increases earning multiple times if the user remains for much time.
  9. Worked well on the Hindi website too.

After reading all the positive points you have to go through the negative points too. So that you can decide whether you have to choose this network or not to use it on your blog or website.


Negatives of this ad network

  1. Ad sizes are less as compared to other ad networks of the same group.
  2. Sometimes real-time ad reports not work properly.
  3. Also sometimes Earnings fluctuate for the same amount of visitors.

Ad sizes and types available

Ad sizes are the same or less in comparison to other better networks such as Google Adsense. Because of the video advertisements, other ad sizes are less. But the in stram and video ads fulfilled the need of them as they single-handedly generate more revenue.

You don’t have to think about their sizes much because you have various kinds of video advertisements which will bring you more earning. These video ads can be implemented anywhere on the website you want. Like header, widget, footer, which in my point of view is awesome.

They also give you Universal code As given by Google AdSense to cover the mobile screen with better advertisements at the top like a slider. And also they give you sticky advertisements which not only bring more Impressions but also more money.


How is the support system?

The support system is excellent. After signing up for Valueimpression network you get your own personal account manager. He/she handles everything from providing ad codes to solving your problems.

In my case, I contact her through the mail and get my queries solved. My account manager replies to me in under 6 hours.

If you are doing any kind of violation related to ad codes then they contact you and suggest you correct everything step by step. For example – Once I implemented more than 3 ads on one page. My account manager immediately contacted me to correct everything.


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Valueimpression is one of the best ad network available which provide good CPM and do the payment on time. That is why according to my opinion you must give a try.

I worked with more than 20 top quality ad networks for more than 100 websites in different languages. This network might be not the best of all but it worked well for every language and country traffic.

Earning is also consistent. If visitors stay for a long time on the website then there is a slight increase in earning too.

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