Secret SEO Techniques to rank blog post

To rank any blog post blogger use several hidden or secret tricks . In my today’s blog post I will tell you the secret SEO techniques which are used to rank any blog post in google.

Secret SEO Techniques to rank blog post

We are listing below some of the best seo techniques to rank any blog post.




You must have heard from some people that the content which has long length are ranked on top .

But it’s a false theory because the content which has short length and the content with extra long length are both out of user experience . No one is interested in reading too long article if they do not find any fun in between .

This is the truth !!!

So strategy should be always stressed upon writing a content in medium length . You should always keep in mind while writing that user should not get bored in between and starts yawning .


=> What we can do then 

1 You can put videos in between. Those videos should be catchy and explanatory .

2 Use graphs and charts to show statistics so that user always remains busy in calculation . And believe me it will be a fun for them .

3 Use animations and vectors wherever possible.

4 Last but not the least you should use catchy images , and screenshots to make user more involve in your post images and screenshots are best ways according to the 90% of the bloggers to increase watch time and decrease bounce rate .

overall I wanted to tell you that the content is not better because of it length but based on user experience and behavior .




Usually more than 95% of the bloggers don’t give their time in promotion , but here is a secret – only that blog post will get a chance to rank in first post is the content with more promotion .


Now promotion means what?

Promotion simply means off page SEO It is an important SEO  Technique ignored by many or most of the bloggers It is not that people not do off page SEO . But they never invest much time which is actually required .

So below I am going to list some of the major things to do while focusing on promotion of the content .

1 Make web 2.0 links for that article .

2 Do guest blogging for every post you make.

3 Use email list like Mail chimp

4 Use push notification service.

5 Generate more and more traffic in less days .

6 Make catchy images and share it on social media to drive traffic .

7 Try to get your links in you tube videos , fb posts , and other social media handles.

8 Try to make as much do follow backlinks as you can .


3. Make 2.0 links

it is very necessary to build web 2.0 backlinks for every post you create on your website google algorithm checks and more value to the post which has more social shares or footprints on various high quality social media handles .


Question – What are web 2.0 links ? 

ans – When you make your post links on social media like blogger , tumbler , facebook , google+ ,twitter etc. it termed as web 2.0 links

You can make web 2.0 links for your post from tons of places But in this field too ,you have to check rankings and trust score of every site ,

There are several place where you should definitely make links for your posts . like , ,

tumbler ,

facebook ,

google+ ,

twitter and others when you get traffic from these website to your blog posts , it shows a good indication to google crawlers .

Web 2.0 links also increases power of your page . In recent times ,it is clearly observed that google .   is ranking post not in terms of domain Authority of any website , but they are actually looking at page power .


4. Do guest blogging for your post to rank higher 


If you able to do guest blogging for your every post to get links from authority sites , Then believe me your content will become defeat proof . Means no one can easily out rank your post in future if you do this part seriously .


5. Use your email list wisely

If you a beginner in field of blogging than have nothing to do with this point .

But if you are blogging from years then I am sure many of you till now have created emails list of your subscribers or viewers.

If you have strong email list in which you have more than 1000 subscribers than you should must read this point .

For promotion of your content it is very much necessary to get those visitors on your post who actually enjoy reading your content .

It you able to attract more than 500 visitors on your blog post from this method then it will definitely going to boost your post in search results .

Open gmail notification and go to your website .But here is the trick for that , you should have to focus on starting two lines of your email . If you able to attraction from your first two catchy lines then definitely more and more people will visit your blog and spend some time there .Now you must be thinking why starting 2 lines ? the answer is – It will show up in gmail notification from outside to your visitors

But but but  ………… after all, many of you must be those bloggers who do not have much subscribers , than again i have another amazing point for all of you , let’s discuss this issue in point no 6.


6. Use push notification services –

You can use push notification service like and . These notification service are very helpful to bring many visitors in less time to your website. Which can be very helpful to give your website blog post initial post.

These services gives you the freedom to gain subscribers from your website when visitors click allow button.



We have listed some of the best and less used seo strategies. Anyone can use these techniques or strategies to rank your blog post in google search engine. We will post in our website awesome contents which will help you to succeed in online business.

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