How to rank blog post without backlinks 2019 guide

Today we will discuss and learn How to rank website blog post in first page of google without making much backlinks. Before starting, I have an interesting quote for you related to this topic.

” If you want to be successful in field of blogging then – focus on making great content not on making backlinks. ”

Rank blog post without backlinks

You must have seen while doing a research on internet that people tells you to take strong back links or many backlinks to rank your blog post  .

Each site like those which works as a  ‘ SEO ‘  tools . Also tells us to make more and more back links .

But you know what, the real game is not making much backlinks . But something else is more important to rank your website .

And for the knowledge I would like to tell you that google is introducing the new ranking algorithms such as Google PANDA , Google PENGUIN and hundreds of other . and all these aims to one project that people should only get real information and they should have good experience with google.


You need to understand fallowing points if you really want to get your website in 1st page – 

1 .  Understand what google wants 


It is necessary to understand what google search engine wants to rank blog blog post without backlinks.

If you are working in any company then you are supposed to understand what they want. So that you can impress them and get promotion.

That formula also work here with google . google is one and only one who got more then three fourth of the search among all search engines . So if you are working with google then you need to understand its algorithm and also that what google wants .

(A) Skyscraper content

Google wants bloggers to write useful contents for people so that they remain stick to google more .That’s why google prefer those websites who write more words on any topic with more pictures . so it the first point which helps you to rank in google .

But understand one things more that one writing long content is not only the key factor to rank your blog .

Because people or blogger can write anything rubbish to make the content long . So it is waste to rank those website .

Famous skyscraper technique

(B) Watch time factor

When some user comes to your website they either read your content till end if they are getting some values or will leave the site if they are not getting whatever they wanted .And google introduced this watch time  factor to see which page or posts getting more engagement .

What time is measured by the time spent by user on your site . And for every post it wanted as average watch time by seeing behavior of every single user who comes to that post . There are various ways to increase the watch time .

(C) Images and infographics             

Google also crawl images , info graphics ‘ GIF ‘ and ‘ VIDEOS ‘, everything which is used in the post . So google also watch how much images and info graphics bloggers used to give more information in their post.

Images and info graphics will also help your post in increasing watch time . So it will increase authority of your page in the end . So instead of making more backlinks  try to give relevant information in whatever way you can to the visitors.

You can make best free and best images and infographics at canva.

(D) Social media traffic

To increase your website ranking you should have to take lets of visitors to yours website from social media like ‘ FACEBOOK , WHATSAPP , GOOGLE+ , LINKEDIN , PINTEREST , TWITTER etc.

These are also most of web.2.0 links means these social sites also works as strong and long lasting back links for your website . Which overall increase your website rank in form of ‘ D.A ( DOMAIN AUTHORITY ) ,AND P.A ( PAGE AUTHORITY ) OR  P.R. ( PAGE RANK ).

The second most important benefit of social media traffic is – your new post will get instant  traffic. Which help your blog post in increasing average watch time . In end result into high ranking of your post .


(E) Understanding game of tags 

People tags very lightly when they write on  their website . But many people don’t know that tags can be proved as a game changer if they use it wisely . There are sometimes no relevance of providing tags if people search that specific content with only one or two ways .But tags can be a boon if people are searching that post with lots of ways and different keywords . But providing lots of tags can also be worst for your posts and website .

Overall you should keep in mind that – use only 3 – 5 tags per post . And those tags should be also relevant for that post .

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(F) Internal and external links 

Google when crawl any web page , it also crawls internal and external links given in that web page .so one who wants to rank his /her website or post then he / she should  must do strong internal and external linking in their post .

Internal links are those links which are everyday in your website , means when you links your other post in any post than it is called internal linking .

External links are those outbound links which your post is pointing to wards any outside web page than your website .

Internal and external links strengthens your on-page  ‘SEO’ and gives a boost to your website posts .

Internal and external links also helps your web page to gain more and more good watch time and also the page views per visitor stats also got better with this technique .so every blogger should must do this


(G) Direct traffic

If you really want to impress google then you should make your website super awesome .and you should have something attractive in your website so that people should must search your website name or your brand name to reach to your website . The more people comes through this method to your website the more better will be your search ranking in google  . For example – Neil patel

=> I think till now you must have understood what google wants . Now try to understand what people wants .



( A ) Easy to understand language

People usually do not spend more time on that blog post which usually contains of hard words . If people are forced to use dictionary to understand what is written in the post than they will surely press back button and will never comes to your website again .so if you want good percentage for a long time , then you should have to write your blog posts in lucid language .

If you are searching of a trick to write more engaging content than you should use words like . I and you in your blog post Just imagine you are talking with people in live conference .I am telling this trick worked for the million of bloggers in the world .

( B ) Answer of their all questions ( FAQ’s )

With this point I want to convey that when people comes to your site or your blog post by keywords, they wants to get all answers related to that keyword. Like if comes to your site searching seo , then they should get detailed info on this topic with all related topics covered within that post.

This method will also increase watch time of your post and will surely decrease bounce rate which will be in all way beneficial for your website.

(C) People don’t want confusions or mess in your site

Never overload your website with too much images or advertisements until they are too much important. Because these things looks like a mess sometimes and people press a back button after a little time. This will worsen your bounce rate statistics and also show google that your doesn’t comply with user experience.



If you really want to rank your post in google search engine , then don’t play with google algorithms. Google have launched many algorithms to detect which website is giving good content and which site is good for user. And also they are continuously penalizing those websites which have fake backlinks from low authority websites or backlinks from totally different niche.

For instance, If your website is about fitness and your site is getting backlink from politics and news niche domains then google will surely penalize your site.

So focus on making awesome and relevant content instead of making backlinks.

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