Pubfuture review, Payment details, Pros and Cons

Today we will talk about another good ad network called PubFuture ( We will discuss a detailed Review, pros, and cons, Payment Proof, Earning proof and report, eligibility criteria, and my personal opinion of this network.

I have already reviewed many good ad networks in my blog but this ad network is unique.

Now you must be wondering how?

The answer is their payout is on a Net 15 basis which is a piece of great news for any bloggers. This is good for those bloggers who use their blogging income to generate more assets digitally.

I will tell you everything about this ad network, you have to just go through this article till the end.

PubFuture review

PubFuture is a header bidding ad solution which provides best-in-class optimization techniques across premium demand channels while protecting your user experience to deliver the right ad to the right person and achieve the highest possible value for every impression in the long term. You can rely on this network as it provides the best solution for high money-making from approved blogs.

If you are using AdSense on your blog then I have great news for you. Your earnings will be going to increase dramatically after using this ad network. Switch to this network and see your earning report, you will find the difference yourself.

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Payment proof

PubFuture has a good Payment Policy in the advertising industry. They pay on a Net-15 basis via Paypal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, and Bitcoin. You should have in your account a 50$ minimum to withdraw money.

Pubfuture earning report

Payment proof screenshot

Pubfuture payment proof

Payment methods

There are various types of Payment methods available in PubFuture with various thresholds. Right now they have Wire Transfer, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Payoneer, and Paypal as payment methods.

The payment is made on Net-15 term means January revenue will be released on 10th – 15th February.

For PayPal and Payoneer, Minimum Payment Threshold $50.00, Bitcoin: Minimum Payment Threshold $500.00. Wire Transfer: Minimum Payment Threshold $1000; required monthly invoices. If somehow your website revenue is lower than thresholds, it will be rolled over to the next month.

Positive of Pubfuture

There are various positives of this ad network which you will not see in every top-quality network available in the market.

  1. This ad network pays greatly in English websites and also has great potential to make a huge amount of money if keywords are good.
  2. There is a variety available in the ad units and sizes in inventory.
  3. Ad units available – Native, Banner, sticky ads, and video ads.
  4. Ad sizes available

In Display Banner (IAB Standard) sizes available are as follows

300×250; 336×280; 300×600; 728×90; 970×90, 970×250 160×600, 320×100 (Mobile), 320×50 (Mobile)…

In Native Ad choose the size in accordance with the number of columns (first) and rows (second). For example: 4×1 (4 columns, 1 row); 3×1 (3 columns, 1 row); 1×2 (1 column, 2 rows)

  1. Support system is very good and you will get your problem solved very quickly.
  2. Payment is on time always
  3. They provide Paypal and wire transfer as payment methods
  4. Even if the visitor does not click on your ads but still you will make money for the impressions because they pay CPM model.

Negative of this ad network

There are no such negative points of this ad network. But still, there is one point that comes into my mind. This ad network is not as famous as other big networks that is why you will find fewer review articles or ratings on the internet.

Eligibility criteria

There are certain eligibility criteria your website or blog should follow in order to get approval from PubFuture.

  • Your website should have a high amount of visitors on monthly basis.
  • If traffic is from Tier 1 countries then you get approval fast.
  • Your website should follow Google AdSense criteria. This means there should no illegal content on your blog.
  • You have to implement ads.txt file in the root folder to run advertisement

Ad sizes available

There are various forms of ad formats

  1. Display advertisement
  • 100% Fillrate across all countries and screens
  • CPM increase up to 200% with premium ad campaigns
  • IAB Standard Sizes and diverse ad units: Interstitial, Sticky, Interscroller
  1. Native advertisement
  • Revenue and audience growth
  • Brand-safety and content quality control
  • Intelligent content recommendation technology
  1. Video advertisement
  • Outstream and Instream Videos with smart features: close button, sticky, floating, and in-content floating
  • Up to 80% Fillrate and 15$ CPM from a deep pool of buyers
  • No latency risk

All this means that you have various forms of advertisement to make money from your website or blog.

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How is the PubFuture support system?

The support system of Pubfuture is very excellent. They have dedicated staff to handle their network in which there are various account managers who solve your problems on the go through the mail. If you have any queries then you can mail them instantly and they will reach you in a day with a solution. Support is available even during weekends and holidays.


There are so many positives about this ad network that one should try and experience it themselves. After using this network I highly recommend you try their service once. The performance is often low at the 1-2 first weeks. However, it definitely increases a lot after they understand the traffic and do good optimizations.

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