Pixfuture reviews, Payment proof, Earning report

Read Pixfuture Review, pros and cons, Payment Proof, Earning proof and report, eligibility criteria, and my personal opinion.

This ad network achieved a lot in less time. Launched in 2008, with a mission to help and provide benefit to Advertisers and Publishers. Afterward, they showed j-curve in their industry and never looked back again.

They achieved various Heights such as getting listed in the top hundred US online properties. They provide great support to both advertisers and publishers and have a good review on the internet.

Pixfuture Review, Payment Proof, Earning Proof and Report, Pros and Cons

Pixfuture is the best ad network for both English and non-English language website. It gives more revenue than other ad networks.

This ad network gives you earnings on the basis of RPM and not clicks. The higher the RPM  the more you will earn.

They also provide different kinds of AD units which can be classified as banner, native, sticky ads, and also video ads. I think almost every ad sizes are available in their inventory. So you don’t have to worry about the ad sizes and units.


Pixfuture review and earning report

In my point of view, this ad network is great in the market. I have used more than 50 ad networks and then I came to the conclusion that this can be 1 in the top 10.

My website receives monthly more than 5 lakh visitors and produces 7 lakh page views. So you can estimate the power of this network if I am counting this in the top 10 among other 50 networks.

However, I want to mention one thing here that my website is in a non-English language.

Why I am talking about this non-English website of mine? Because I will show you payment proof and earning proof in this article related to that website.

It is not like I had not used in the English language. There are several websites of mine that are written in the English language but they have fewer page views than the one I have mentioned above.

I also want to confirm one thing that if your website is in the English language then you can make more money because your RPM will be higher.


Where to Contact

Website – click to visit

Social media presence

Pixfuture payment proof

In this section, you will see the payment proof of Pixfuture ad network. Before showing you some screenshots I want to inform you about the payment terms.

This ad network will pay you on a net 60 basis as of now ( January 2021 ). Their payment terms can be changed at any time but in 2021 January, they are paying on basis of net 60. It means if you make $100 in February 2021 then your payment will be made in May 2021.

Also, the threshold amount is $50.


Payment methods

This ad network provides you with various payment methods such as Paypal, Payoneer and also wire transfer.

For Paypal, you have to make at least $50 so that you can cash in the amount. For wire transfer, the minimum threshold limit is $500 in total.

I have used only one of the payment methods which is Paypal and never faced any issue.


Pros of Pixfuture

There are various positives of this ad network which you will not see in every top-quality network available in the market.

1. This ad network pays greatly in English website and more than you expect if you have a non-English website

2. There is a variety available in the ad units and sizes in inventory.

3. Ad units available – Native, Banner, sticky ads, and video ads.

4. Ad sizes available –

250 x 250 – Square. 728 x 90 – Leaderboard. 300 x 250 – Inline Rectangle. 336 x 280 – Large Rectangle. 120 x 600 – Skyscraper. 160 x 600 – Wide Skyscraper. 970 x 90 – Large Leaderboard

5. Support system is very good and you will get your problem solved very quickly

6. Payment is on time always

7. They provide Paypal and wire transfer as payment methods

8. Even if the visitor does not click on your ads but still you will make money for the impression.

9. They are available on different social media such as Facebook and YouTube where you can ask questions and also review this network.


Negatives of this ad network

1. This ad network pays on basis of net 60.

2. If you are new to this network then you have to keep patience while operating.

3. The ad units will slow your website a little.

4. You have to optimize your website for better performance of this ad network as the ads load slow.

5. If you are a beginner and want your money quick then this network is not for you right now because it pays after 60 days.

Ad sizes and types available


How is the support system

The support system of Pixfuture is very good. They have 20 staff to handle their network in which there are various account managers who solve your problems on the go through the mail. My account manager is Veronica and she is very good at solving problems.

If you have any query then you can mail them instantly and they will reach you in a day or two with a solution. Support is not available during weekends and holidays.

However, they have an alternative to it but I never used it.

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I have already told you that I have used more than 50 ad networks on my different blogs. I will prefer Pixfuture ad network in the top 10 according to me. I have only one issue with this network which is they Pay after 60 days.

Because if you are a good blogger then you have to maintain your team and expenses which is a little bit get affected by this condition. I do not have any other issue with it because the amount they pay for non-English visitors is great compared to other ad networks.

You can give it a try if you are facing any issue with your current ad network or you can also try one of its ad units in your header and see the results. After that compare your current result with the previous ad network. If you find it good then you can place this network permanently on your website.

I will suggest you read my blogs on a consistent basis because there could be a change in the future. And I will keep you updated with this ad network policy and conditions.

If anything goes wrong in the future then I will update this article.

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