How to make money from Tiktok – Detail Guide

Tiktok is one of the finest platforms available to make short videos. I will tell you the best ways to make money from Tiktok without any problem.

There you can upload your own videos which can vary from 10 seconds to 1 minute.

Over 1 billion people are using this app right now and there is a huge opportunity for a content creator to make lots of money.

Here you can make various videos and there is no limit as such. You can choose any topic or any trend you want to create lots of videos on it.

In this guide, I will tell you how you can make lots of money from Tik Tok by just uploading short videos.

Ways to make money from Tiktok

Below we will discuss very simple ways to make money from Tik Tok without any problem. The methods and techniques which I am discussing with you are already used by lots of people.

Make money from Tiktok Live Feature

This is the official way of making money by Tik Tok. This feature is only available to those creators who achieve 1000 followers.

With this feature, you can make lots of money.

How does this feature work?

When you will achieve at least 1000 followers, you can use Tiktok live to make money. In this program, people pay you when you come live on your Tik Tok account.



You can earn lots and lots of money by doing brand sponsorships on your account.

But before that, you have to gain 1 million followers, likes, and comments in the good ratio. These things help brands to believe in you.

The more followers, likes, and comments you have on your Tik Tok videos the more you can expect a bigger brand approach. Money is also decided on the same factor that how much you will get by doing those sponsorships.

You have to maintain a good reputation for your Tiktok account so that they can trust you.

Sometimes people make weird controversial stuff to get viral but their account got blocked by the company itself. So if you want to make money from your account, make only quality videos that do not consist of any policy violation things.


Grow your YouTube channel – A passive way to make money from Tiktok

You can use your Tiktok account to grow your YouTube channel hand in hand.

You must know one thing that you can make an unbelievable amount of money from Youtube if you are a good content creator.

So if you want to make money from both the platforms, grow your YouTube channel.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to grow your YouTube channel

  • You can create a longer version of the same short videos you have uploaded on Tiktok.
  • After that, those videos can be uploaded to YouTube,
  • And with that, you can bring those followers back to YouTube as subscribers.
  • Also, there is an option in your Tiktok account to add your YouTube channel link in your about section.
  • Use that feature to bring your Tik Tok followers to your YouTube channel as subscribers.
  • You can also tell fewer things in your Tik Tok videos so that people go to your YouTube account to find a longer version of that video to get detailed knowledge.


Grow your Instagram account

You can also use Tik Tok to grow your Instagram account.

There are various ways to make money from Instagram. So if you bring traffic from Tiktok to Instagram, you will ultimately make lots of money.

The Instagram account can be grown in various ways

There is an option in the Tik Tok account in about section. Where you can add your YouTube and Instagram profile links. Use that option to grow your Instagram account.


Make money from Tiktok by doing Affiliate marketing

There is a good chance of doing affiliate marketing with your Tik Tok account.

As you know people over there come to see entertaining things. You can make a website where you can list various products related to that niche.

After that, you can make a video on the website you have made and bring your viewers and followers to your page. Affiliate marketing can make you lots of money.

There are numerous affiliate marketing companies available online where you can sign up and sell their products. However, you have to know which one of them is more secure and trustable.

The most trusted website for doing affiliate marketing is Amazon Associates. You can use this website to sell a wide range of products that can match any niche.


Grow your blog

You can also grow your blog from Tik Tok and make lots of money in other ways. Growing your blog is easy if you are writing the same content which you have uploaded in the form of video on Tiktok.

You can make a lot amount of money from your blog or website if you have a great number of visitors. There is a huge scope of blogging in future years.

There are a thousand ways in which you can make money from your blog.

So if you have a good amount of followers in your Tik Tok account then use them to grow your blog. Blogging just not give you money but also give you fame.


Final words

In this article, you have learned about how you can make money from Tiktok in simple ways. However, there are many ways in which you can make money online.

You have to just use your brain in the right way. When you grow on any of one social media that has lots of viewers then you can grow your other social media handles too.

Never sit and relax on one income source. You have to grow your other sources too if you want to make a good passive income.

Tiktok can be really helpful in growing your other social media handles where it is hard to grow.

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