7 Best ways to Make money from Instagram

Making money from Instagram is easy if you know the right process. In this detailed guide, you will learn about various simple ways to make money from Instagram and also how to grow your Instagram channel.

Read this guide till the end and you will know everything.

We all know that there are billions of users using this platform right now. This is a great opportunity for content creators to promote themselves in front of them.

Ways to make money from Instagram

I am listing below the best and legitimate ways by which you can make money from Instagram. You will get a step by step guide for each and every way.

Let’s begin

Make money from Instagram by Sponsorship

Sponsorship is one of the evergreen methods available in the online industry which helps creators to make lots of money. For doing sponsorship you need a good amount of followers and engagement on your channel.

You can upload both images and videos on your Instagram channel. After a good amount of followers both the things can be used in doing sponsorship.

You can be paid a handsome amount of money by the companies based on your niche.

If you have your channel is associated with the business and finance category then you can get a huge amount of money even if you have fewer followers.

But if upload memes and other things which fall in the entertainment category then you might not get good sponsorship opportunities.

At the end of the day what really matters is the quality of your channel and how engaging your posts are.


Make money from Instagram by doing Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways by which you can make money from Instagram easily. You can put links in your Bio section and your stories if you have a good amount of followers.

People will go through your link and purchase products. You will be paid directly to your bank account.

You can also make your entire Instagram channel based on a single topic.

Like you can make a pet channel and upload images, videos, memes, guides, and other things which can bring a good amount of engagement on your posts.

When your channel will be grown and you achieve 10,000 followers then you can put affiliate links in your Bio section and stories.

These links will Trigger your followers in purchasing products from your affiliate links and you can make lots of money.


Make money from Instagram by Selling Your Own Products

You can also make your own products and sell them on Instagram. If you are good with the dropshipping and delivery system then you can go with physical products that can be shipped to the customer’s house.

But if you are not aware of these things then you can create your own digital assets. Like E-Books, Video Course, Audio Course, and other such things.

If you have a quality audience that you have acquired through your genuine posts then you can make a great amount of money by selling your digital assets.

People want to learn things in easy ways.

You can promote your products by putting purchase links in the bio section on your Instagram page.

If you don’t know where to put the digital assets that you want to sell then you can use Instamojo.


Grow you Blog

You can grow your blog with the help of your Instagram page. You can promote your blog through photos and videos, by putting a link in the bio section, and also in Instagram stories.

If you grow your blog right then you can make thousands of dollars per month very easily. You have to be consistent while doing it and also you must know how to grow your audience.

Instagram can help you in growing your audience in all directions. You can build a good subscriber base from your blog and can create another source of income.

There are hundreds of legitimate ways by which you can make money through blogging. This is why I am suggesting you to create another stream with the help of an Instagram audience.

We have already written how to make money by doing blogging on our website.

Fun fact is if you have good writing skills then you can make more money from your blog than Instagram.


Grow your YouTube channel

YouTube can be very helpful in creating another source of income online. If you are passionate about making money then you must start a YouTube channel. Because YouTube has millions of people all around the globe in every single category which anyone can think of.

You can create videos and upload on YouTube for free and also can make money with them in the future.

You can use the Instagram audience to build your YouTube channel. If you have already created and have some subscribers. Then you must promote your YouTube videos in your Instagram pages.

You can take the help of the stories and bio features on Instagram to create awareness about your YouTube channel. If you are working on the same topic on both social media handles then there is a great probability of getting more subscribers.

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Final Words

There are various opportunities available online through which you can make lots of money easily. But one thing is surely required which is passion.

  • You have to be passionate about learning things.
  • Taking actions as soon as you learn.
  • Keep it growing until it reached a level where things become automated.

Instagram provides you various opportunities to make money online and grow your other social media handles.

In this guide, you have learned about how to make money from Instagram in easy steps. You can tell us your views by doing comment and you can also suggest topic on which you want another post.

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