5 Best Ways to make money from Google

There are various ways to make money from Google. In this article, you will learn about various techniques that are proven to make thousands of dollars per month with the help of Google.

As we all know that Google in the last two decades emerged as the biggest search engine on the earth. This is growing every day in various fields.

Google has many other programs and products that can be useful for us to make money with it.

Such as

  • Google AdSense,
  • AdMob,
  • YouTube,
  • and AdWords.

You can use all these features to earn lots of money per month.

Learn to make money from Google

Google AdSense is one of the authentic ways to make money online. This company provides you great advertisements for your website or YouTube channel and also pays you on time.

Personally I have worked with Google AdSense for the last 3 years and never found any kind of payment issue. The company pays only when you achieve $100.

They provide you various ads related solutions for your website, YouTube channel, and Android app.

If you are passionate about making money with Google AdSense then there are several ways you can try.


1. Make your website and place advertisement using AdSense

Make money from Google using adsense
Make money from Google using Adsense

Believe it or not, people are making thousands of dollars by just placing Google AdSense advertisement codes.

If you get traffic from TIER 1 countries like the US, UK, Australia then you can make a great amount of money even with little traffic. There you can feel the difference and power of Google AdSense.

If you want to make good use of Google AdSense then you have to make a website and place their advertisements.

The approval process for the AdSense account is a little bit tough sometimes. But if you follow guidelines correctly then everything will go according to you.

There are some criteria that you have to follow to get approval from AdSense for your website.

  • Your website must have a TLD ( Top Level Domain ) such as .com, .net, .org, and others. Also, you can use CCTLD ( Country Code top-level domain ).
  • Your website must have some organic visitors.
  • You have to write good content otherwise they will not approve your website.

According to many bloggers, Google AdSense is the highest paying and trustable Company around there. So you can use it without any fear.

Note: Learn SEO to rank a blog post on Google search Engine.


2. AdSense for YouTube

If you have some sort of skills or knowledge that can be useful for other people around the world. Then you should try making a YouTube channel and upload videos that will benefit people across the globe.

When your YouTube channel achieves 1000 subscribers then you can apply for monetization with AdSense. If your content is good then they will approve your account within some days.

After the approval, you can monetize your YouTube channel with Google AdSense.

And can make thousands of dollars per month if you have a decent amount of views on your videos. However, countries from where you are getting views are also very important in terms of your revenue.

The same rule goes here as it goes with the website. Your videos should get views From countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and other developed countries. Then you can make a decent amount of money.


3. AdSense for Android applications

You can also develop Android applications and implement Google AdMob advertisement codes in it.

If you are developing a game then there is a possibility that you can make at least $1,000 a day. Because Google Admob has various kinds of advertisements which very well suits the gaming applications.

For example – you can put unskippable video ads in your Android application against reward points for users in terms of coins or whatever you give to Step Up in that game.

Gaming companies who are using Google AdSense product called AdMob are making so much money in a day than normal people can’t make in their whole life.

You can also create educational Android applications and upload it to Google Play Store. These kinds of applications also make lots of money through advertisements and affiliate marketing.


4. Make money from Google by using AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the best ways available online to promote products among the right user base. Targeting the right kind of audience became very easy at an efficient cost.

Let me guide you step by step on how to make money with Google AdWords.

Step 1

You can sign up for various CPA marketing opportunities providers like



CJ affiliate

Step 2

Make the landing page by using various online software available for free and paid. You can also create one by using WordPress.

That landing page will be used to get leads from customers that will bring to your page for the sake of promoting CPA marketing products.

Step 3

Run Google AdWords advertisement to bring traffic to that landing page you have made.

Step 4

If you had run Google AdWords campaign right then you can see how will people get converted into the leads and how profitable your campaign will be.

Above mentioned steps look easy but it is not.

You have to learn how to Run the Google AdWords campaign for better results. In starting people lose good amount of money for the sake of learning how it works.

However, once you learned how to use Google AdWords for marketing and generating leads then no one can stop you from making $1000 in a day.


5. Make Money from Google Play Store

People use Google Play Store only for downloading android applications and games. Most people don’t know that they can also make money from Google Play Store by learning simple things.

You can sell books, services, Android applications, and other various steps using Google Play Store.

I have already mentioned that you can upload your own android applications and games by implementing Google Admob advertisement codes in it.

But there is one more way to make money with your Android application or games. You can put reward points in your app and you can tell people to buy virtual coins using real money.


Final words

In this article, we have learned about how we can make money with Google in various ways. Every point we have discussed in this post is easy but you required great content to engage users. If you can’t create great content then forget about making money online with anything.

You have to be customer-oriented and should know what people actually want in your desired field. You must be a problem solver if you want to make a huge amount of money from Google.


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