The huge list of Google Easter Eggs ( Famous and Hidden )

Here we will see the huge list of Google Easter Eggs that are famous, hidden, and they are not less than 80.

As one of the world’s biggest search engine, Google has made a special place In the heart of the people, but very few people know that Google’s products not only enhance user’s productivity, also there are lots of funny tricks, Games, and fun secrets available for our entertainment.

These hidden games, movements, are considered to be Google Easter Eggs. And today we will tell you about 80 such amazing Google easter eggs, After knowing them, You will Say Wow!!

Top 80 Easter Eggs

People often know or hear about these Easter eggs from Google, not because Google keeps them hidden. But when the user tries to explore these secret tricks, He/she becomes a fan of Google.

These Easter eggs are created to spread creativity and to increase engagement on Google products.

You can use these Easter eggs on your mobile or PC on the Google Chrome browser. So let’s begin with the most interesting game

1. Dinosaur games

Suddenly, while browsing If Mobile or wifi data stops, Our mood goes off…Yeah Right? But Google has given the Dinosaur game to keep our mood on.

While offline, You have seen this image many Times on Your screen. But do you know that this is an Interesting Hidden game,

Tap on the dinosaur icon to play it on your mobile, and you can start playing as soon as you press the space bar key on your computer. Isn’t it interesting !?

2. Blink

This is one of the most interesting hacks we don’t know yet.

Just type <blink> and click on the search icon. You will actually be able to see the word Blink, Blinks on your screen. Wow, try it now !!

3. Tic tac toe

Thanks to Google’s developers, who have given many funny Easter Eggs so that we do not have to download a separate app to play.

As You type “tic tac toe” on the search bar, you can start playing this interesting game alone with a machine or with your friends.

4. Flip a coin

When the coin is bounced, It is really curious to know whether the head will come or the tail.

So when you Search “Flip a coin on Google” a coin will bounce on your screen. If you want to try your luck again. Click on Flip again.

5. Spinner

People try their luck on the spinner to Gamble.

But one of the most amazing Easter eggs on Google is Spinner. Just search spinner, and click on Spin, Now this spinner starts rotating.

6. Meditate

Now start Meditation on the Go, with this Google Easter Egg.

Which will help you to better your Respiratory function by doing Breathing exercises. In this breathing exercise lasting for one minute, you will be able to keep your mind calm and focused.

7. Feeling curious

This Google’s Easter Egg would make you acquainted with Fun Facts, if you are getting bored just type& search I am feeling curious, you will get amazing information that will ultimately help you to gain your knowledge.

8. Google in 1998

Currently, you are familiar with Google’s interface.

But what did Google look like in its initial phase, Just type “Google in 1998” to see the old Style of Google.

9. Google Barrel Roll

Search this Querry “Do a barrel roll” you will find SERP (Search Engine result page) Will rotate in 360 degrees. Google’s rotation shows that Google shows you the best results at the top.

10. Marquee HTML

When you search “Marquee HTML” in the address bar, you will see the results count is moving slowly from right to left. Keep in mind, This secret search trick will only work when you search marquee html.

11. Fun facts

Do you know how much earth’s water is drinkable? If you know the answer “that’s awesome”

But if you don’t know then type fun facts on Google you will find such many fun facts to enhance your knowledge.

12. Askew

As you type this Keyword (Askew) in the search bar.

You will see the Result slightly skewed. Means it’s not in a straight or level position. This trick only work if you type askew, if you do another search the result page will go back to normal.

13. Atari breakout

Search Atari breakout on Google or go to this page

you will come to a page where you will find an awesome hidden game of Google Easter eggs. Literally, by playing this game you will understand how Google Easter eggs are interesting.

14. Calculator

Although you will find an inbuilt calculator software app on your mobile and PC by typing Calculator on Google. You can do calculations straight Away while browsing.

So Again, thanks credit goes to Google’s Developers.

15. Is Google down

Asking this question while using Google is a bit strange, but when you ask this, on the search results Page

You will see a Big No!!! This means Google is live and you can search anything here.

16. Zerg rush

If you look for zerg rush on Google you will find some red bubbles appear on the search results Page.

This image looks different from the normal search.

17. Pac-man

If you want to play more funny games included in Google easter eggs, then just search “Pacman”. From here you are just one click away to play this awesome game.

18. Valentine’s Day Easter Egg

You can click here to explore this wonderful Hack, which is based on mathematical calculations. You can also express your love to someone through it.

Copy & paste and Search this query:-

Sqrt(cos(x))*cos(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5

19. Google’s moon

If you want to see the moon closely, then just click the link given below.

20. Listen dog sound

If you want to hear the sound of a dog, cat, or any animal on Google, then type

What Sound Does a Dog make?

And you will get to hear their voice in the result.

21. Get nutrition info

You can get nutrition information of any fruit, grain on Google, for which you have to search product name + Nutrition

Example:- apple nutrition

22. Converter

If you want to convert one currency to another or you want to convert kilogram to pound, you can easily do this task with the help of a Google converter.

23. Timer

This Google Easter egg will help you to stay focus on your work, so you can do your work on time.


24. Find the age and height of your favorite celebrity

If you want to know the height or age of a celebrity or a popular politician, then type name + height you will get a straight answer on the screen.

So, These are some very interesting Google Easter eggs, now we will talk about some amazing third party Google Easter eggs

25. Snake game

To play snake games on your PC and mobile without downloading any third-party app. Just type snake game on your Chrome Browser and start playing

26. Minesweeper

This is another and interesting game which you can play on your Android and Windows device. Just type and search minesweeper on Google and enjoy this awesome game.

27. Earth Day quiz

To assess your knowledge about the Earth, you can play this quiz to find out how much you know about the species or Earth’s creatures.

28. Google doodles

To enjoy the awesome Google doodles you can search “Google doodles” where you will find and play interesting doodles.

29. I am feeling lucky

Before typing your query on Google, you can see the option of I’m Feeling Lucky on the screen, when you click on it, you will go to a page where you will get to see about current Google’s doodle along with this, you will know what happened on this day in history.

30. Play Solitaire

Feeling Bored!, but if you know how to play cards, type Solatier on Google and start playing these popular games. This trick will work on a desktop site

31. Loneliest Number

Search for the loneliest number in Google and you will find answer 1 on your screen.

32. Recursion

This is one of the most secret Google Easter Egg, Which may not have been noticed by anyone. Search Recursion on Google and in the results you will find did you mean recursion?

Every time you click on this word, you will come to the same page every time.

33. Super Mario Bros

We all heard about this game, but when you type the keyword on Google, you will find a question mark on the right side of the screen.

34. Kerning

As you search kerning on Google you will find space between the characters. Yes! It’s one of the Google Easter Egg

35. 3D Easter Egg

It is one of the coolest Easter eggs You will find, just click on this link you will come to a new page where you see a spinning egg in 3D. cool!!

36. Bubble Level

Look for bubble level you will find an amazing leveler on your screen.

37. Hacker language

If you change your Google setting into hacker language you will see a new interface with a new design. The letters will be mixed with numbers

38. Bork language

If you want to do a little bit of fun while using Google then again this is one of the funniest Google Easter egg,

To see the magic of this trick, you need to change your Google language setting into Bork and start using Google in a different way

39. What’s nothing

When you search What’s nothing on Google, you will see a blank image and you will also find the definition of a nothing word

Some Other interesting Google Easter Eggs

40. LGBT Pride In Google Sheets
41. The Answer to Life, the
42. Universe and Everything
43. Baker’s Dozen
44. Bletchley Park
45. Conway’s Game of Life
46. Google Doodles
47. Google Images
48. Interactive Fiction
49. Google Logo History
50. Google Birthday Surprise
51. Feeling Curious
52. Random Number Generator
53. Server Status 418. I’m a Teapot
54. Color Picker
55. Play Dreidel
56. Friends
57. The Number of Horns on a Unicorn
58. Loneliest Number
59. Search For “Anagram” Or “Define Anagram”
60. Wizard of Oz
61. Google Sphere
62. Google Space
63. Festivus
64. But Where is Chuck Norris?
65. Let Me Google That for You
66. Carmen Sandiego Google Earth
67. Google Gravity
68. Sonic Easter Egg
69. Text Adventure
70. Pirate Language
71. Pac-Man
72. Loch Ness Monster
73. Bacon Number
75. Google Mars
76. The Funniest Joke in the World
77. Lego Lovers Build with Chrome
78. Spelling Numbers
79. Explore Space with Google Sky
80. Find Webpage Fonts
81. Infinity Gauntlet or Thanos from Marvel Comics

Why Easter eggs are created

There are many reasons why Easter eggs are created by Google.

1. Google wants to increase the engagement and dwell time of users on their website and products. The more people will come to use these Easter eggs, the more they will share, and therefore the more people will use Google products, and as a result, the revenue will be positively affected.

2. To celebrate the success of different TV series and movies which has created a craze among people.

Why are google easter eggs not working

Google Easter Eggs stop working because either Google has disabled them from their side or it was created for a short time period for the particular occasion. Also, sometimes this problem persists because of a slow internet connection or your Google Chrome is not up to date.

Final words

In this detailed article, we have discussed more than 80 Google Easter eggs which people love to search for and have fun over a long period of time.

Now we have come to the end of the article and I want to say that this particular idea of creating such creative things is awesome. And I will pray that Google should release more and more games in the future so that we can have more fun.

This article will be updated from time to time so you can bookmark this page and I want you to come here regularly so that you don’t miss any of the new games.

Thank you for reading my post till the end, if you have any doubts or questions in your mind then you can freely ask in the comment section and also you can give ideas and suggestions too.

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