How to make money online

There are numerous ways to make money online but you have to choose which one is easy for you. There are thousands of ways by which you can achieve your goal but first of all, you have to find your interest field. For example, some people are good at writing creative content and some are good at marketing. There are different ways available to both of them to earn money online.

In starting you have to give so much time and patience to your work. But once it gets on track you don’t have to then worry about it anymore. Because it will then become your passive income which means if you are traveling somewhere, enjoying with family on vacation and still you are making money.

From the surface, it looks good but if you go deeper you will realize how much hard work and patience is it requires in starting which 90% of people not able to pass the initial phase.

Just remember one thing, the bigger the tree of fruits you are dreaming of the more work, patience, training and care it will require.


Ways to make money online


1. Blogging can make you rich easily


Blogging has become one of the popular Ve to make money online. By doing blogging people are making thousands to millions of dollars in a year


 Why blogging is popular in the money-making field?

It is because you have to work just once and after that, your content will bring you more and more money


What will you need to know before starting the blog?


  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation )
  • Google algorithm
  • Search engine ranking factors


Pros of blogging

  • Anyone can make millions of dollars by doing blogging
  • You have to just give 4-6 hours a day in starting then you even don’t require to sit for a minute after everything gets set.


Cons of blogging

  • It is very much time-consuming in starting
  • You have to learn hundreds and thousands of things to get success in blogging


2. YouTube


YouTube is an online video uploading platform where uh anyone can upload videos and earn money online



1  You should have experience in any field. For eg. Gardening

2  You need to have a good camera and mic quality to make good videos.

3. You should know how to make engaging content.


 Ways to make money


1  After achieving1000  subscribers you can apply for Google AdSense then you can make money by uploading videos regularly

2  sponsorship

When you will get 10,000 subscribers or you above then you will start getting sponsorship opportunities  from big companies

3  you can promote your own digital products such as ebooks

4 you can further  do Affiliate Marketing to make huge  money


3. Instagram can bring you too much money


If you take Instagram marketing seriously then you can learn hundreds of way to make money

Instagram is a place where you can increase your followers by showing your creativity and skills  in from of attractive pictures and small videos

After achieving 20,000 or more followers an Instagram you can use below ways to make money


–  Ways to make money

1  Sponsorship – Companies I will approach you after you achieve 20000 or more videos Instagram followers and they will pay you a handsome amount of money for promoting their products.

2  You can sell your own digital products or service through Instagram.

for eg. If you are a freelancer then you can promote your skills to attract customers online


4. is a perfect place where you can earn money through your skills if you are good at something then you can easily make thousands of Dollar on this platform easily

1  content marketing and writing

2  website development

3 SEO  Search Engine Optimisation

4  game development

5  logo making


What you have to do to start making money? 

You have to firstly signed up on this platform. After that create it gigs for your service to promote your gigs on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.


5. Learn to make money online by doing Affiliate marketing

Have you ever dream of purchasing bungalow at the seaside and your personal helicopter you can buy this stuff easily if you work hard ones in affiliate marketing.


Why affiliate marketing is so famous in the money-making field?


It is because once you set funnels and generated huge  leads then no one can stop you from earning huge money online

It is also famous among bloggers because one sale can give you hundreds to thousands of dollars easily

Some affiliate marketing platforms where you can promote products and can earn a handsome amount of money on every sale.

1 Clickbank

2 Commission Junction


6. CPA (cost per action) Marketing can make you thousands of dollars


This is a type of field where you get paid from every lead you generate for a company

There are several online platforms where you can make thousands of dollars per month by just gathering people’s emails and other general information.

Platforms where you can find good CPA networks that will pay you good.

1  Max bounty

2  Ad combo


7  Sell your photos online and earn good amount of money


If you have a good quality camera which can click High Definition image then you can also make thousands of dollar online easily there are some website which allows photos to upload their quality photos and make money with every sale.

There is a huge opportunity in this field if you can understand people’s needs.

Some website where you can upload photos and make money

1  Fotolia

2  Shutter stock


make money online from home
make money online from home

8  Write articles for a big website and earn direct money


If you are an expert in writing creative articles that can bring people to read. then believe me you can make lots of money.

Websites which provide this opportunity


This website will give you 100$ to 500$  for every article according to their hands. You can approach then and write for them.

Some websites also allow you to promote your social link which can increase your freelancing opportunities people can find you and will contact you for writing articles for them.


9 – Do work and get paid for it


If you are really very serious to generate huge money online every month then and you should make your profile now on Upwork.

If you are good at –

– writing quality content

– SEO expert

– website making

– software developing

– game developing


Software development, game development, and another search time-consuming work can give you thousands of dollars easily for each and every work.


10 Publish eBook and make money online easily

There are two way to make and publish eBooks

1 You can use public domain eBooks and remake that book with your own thoughts.

After that, you are ready to sell eBooks in the Kindle Store.

2 Make your new and unique eBook which contains Useful information on any popular topic for example.
If you are an expert in translation then you can write tricks and tips for the same.


11 Make money online by Developing software

If you can develop software which will solve problems of online users then you can make an unlimited amount of money.

For example- You can make software on loan calculator

You have to be creative an need to understand the market. You also need to see what people really want. If you hate everything right, you will be rich one day just be selling software online.

You can promote your software air here-

1 Clickbank
2 Share as sale
3 Jvzoo


12 Online teaching

You can also do online teaching to make money online.
Companies like ok unacademy hire teachers for the sake of uploading teaching videos regularly for students.



13 Logo design

As the internet is reaching millions of people. Marketing and branding becomes so crucial that every part attached to it demands high-quality things.

So if you can design great logos then do not wait
Start promoting your service online through social media and get hired by online companies you can also use-




14 Email marketing

Email marketing is though is but it can give you two thousands of dollars without doing anything once it sets right. In this method, you have to promote high ticket offers and Jain rate sales for big companies by sending millions to people when people purchase you will earn the High Commission.

But before this, you have to know how to create a subscriber list and how to create funnels and Leeds.



15 Facebook marketing

In this method, people market affiliate products by running Facebook ads. I have seen people learning thousands of dollars easily but people also lose money dollars in initial face.
You will require some money for starting Facebook marketing.



16 Start a niche website

A niche website is nothing but a website made for a particular topic. Niche website covers only a single topic and keyword throughout.
For example – the best site for headphones

Benefits of niche website

1 You will rank higher with a niche website.
2 You can sale both high and low Commission products easily.
3 There will be more sponsorship opportunities once your website ranked on the first page of Google search engine


17 Survey websites

These are some survey websites where you can make lots of money easily.



18 Make money online by Creating WordPress themes and plugins

If you have experience and the right knowledge in the field of coding then you can make money with this way

You can create your own WordPress plugins and themes by using different programming languages such as HTML CSS JavaScript PHP etc.

You can sell your themes here

1 code can you
2 theme forest



19 Translation job

If you are an expert in any two major and popular languages then you should definitely e apply for a translation job online.

You can do it here-


20 Share and earn

There are many websites and small business online painting creators for sharing their links and social media platforms.

You will only e accepted if you have a large follower base on your any social media handle

This website will help you in getting the opportunity




21 Sell domain names and websites to make huge Commission.

You can purchase any fresh domain name which has some attractive keyword. after that you you can list then for sale on different websites. You can put your own price for that domain or website. If a buyer purchased your property then you will get your money after cutting some Commission by the listing website.

The website where you can sell-



22 Make money from Quora partner program

Quora has a program called the Quora partner program. This program pays you money for asking relevant questions.


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