How to make high quality android apps for free for money – 3 Methods

We will learn today 1. How we can make high quality android apps or applications for free. 2.How to make android apps compatible with all devices.

Even we also not required knowledge of core coding or programming language. We will make best and high quality android apps with drag and drop method which can be done by anyone.

How to make high quality android apps for free 

Let”s learn to make best high quality android apps for free and make lots of money with them.


We heard people saying that android studio is the platform where developers creates android apps through complex piece of coding and we also heard that android apps are too difficult to make .

But today I am going to break these myths through this post .

In this post I am going to cover different aspects of android apps making strategies and platforms. And will educate you about how to make best high quality android apps easily . You also don’t even have to pay anything for it only you need to spend is your time .


Before going to tell you about what are those platforms I need to tell you the difference between android studio and other platforms.


Android studio vs my methods to make high quality android apps


1. We are all aware of the fact that it requires too much knowledge of programming languages such as JAVA ,CSS , HTML ,etc . to make android app on android studio .

But on these platforms you do not require those programming languages to have in your mind .You just need normal brain to perform activity with their simple algorithms .


2. In android studio required of many prerequisite knowledge about it before developing android apps through it .But on these platforms you required no prerequisite knowledge to start developing amazing android apps .


3. In android studio, you need to install heavy software in your pc. Which further requires good processor and enough RAM (RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY ) in your PC or laptop. Which overall means you should have high priced laptop or PC to make android apps.

But on these platforms you required nothing like these technical things in your PC .It only required good internet connection to make quality android apps for free . Even you don’t need laptop or PC to make apps, if you have good smart phone. You can do your work easily from anywhere .


4. Android studio will require you to do lats research while making any complex android app even if you have good programming skills .

But on these platforms you require logical brain to get android app made .


5. In android studio it will take you many days , even months to make quality android apps

But here you will only have to spend days to make or develop quality  android apps from your device with ease .


Now I am going to tell you about those platforms. These three platforms are enough to make high quality android apps for free, By using these platforms or websites you can make android apps for making money from the internet.


First is

  • It is Cloud-based, no software to download.Use any browser to design and build Android mobile apps

  • It also Support for multiple languages.Ability to switch between 12 different languages!

  • Monetization componentsStart monetizing your apps within minutes! Check out our tutorials

  • Push NotificationUse OneSignal dashboard to send push-notification to all users of your app

  • Fully Drag-N-Drop platform , No coding skills? No problem. Just drag, drop and snap blocks to code your app!

  • Storage componentsUse variety of storage components such as Google Spreadsheet, local SQL Lite, CloudDB, Shared Preferences (TinyDB), Firebase DB, etc.

  • Tons of other components such as: Google Map, Sensors (proximity, light, pressure, gravity, etc), drawing, animation, social, and many other components to make you start building your dream apps with no coding!

Second one is Thunkable

Third one is

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Make high quality android apps to earn money online


People in today’s era have become too smart. And they are do not want to be dependent on multi national company or others for money. They are finding various new ways to earn money online while sleeping.

Of these blogging , freelancing and online marketing have become the famous resources to earn money from the internet easily.

But nowadays people are focusing on other less competitive ways to earn money.

Like –

1. Make high quality android apps and sell them for huge amount of money.

2. Make games or utility apps for high end mobile devices. And monetize it with admob ads and make more than 1000 dollars per month or even per day.

3. Make android apps compatible with all devices and upload it on google play store.

I Hope that this article helps you a lot. If you love my article then go and check other written articles on my website. And stay tuned with my blog to learn amazing stuffs for free.

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