How to get followers on tumblr fast : 9 Easy ways

In this detailed article, we will learn How to get followers on Tumblr in 9 easy ways. You have to get some patience and maintain consistency while following these easy steps.

Getting followers is very easy if you have the right form of content to display among people. You have to provide them values so that they can also grow in their lives.

Helpful Guide on How to get followers on Tumblr

We will talk about some of the best and easy steps to increase followers on Tumblr. Read the article till the end to understand everything step by step and I also have answered some of the most common questions asked on this topic.

1. Follow people in your industry

This is one of the easiest steps you can follow to get quick followers.

You just have to follow people who are related to the niche you work in.

You can also comment on their post and softly market your blog in front of their followers.

However, if you just keep following people in your industry then one day you will have lots of followers for sure.

For example

If you provide knowledge about blogging then you should follow people who are already teaching about things related to blogging.

2. Post frequently

This is the most necessary step you have to take to gain more followers on your social media account.

Posting frequently will give an idea to your followers that you can provide content regularly and they don’t have to wait for a much longer period.

This will make them stick to you and they will do whatever you tell them.

You can request your followers to share your content with their friends which they will do happily because you are adding values regularly in their lives.

Posting regularly can also give you an upper hand advantage in Search Engine Optimisation which is really necessary to gain organic visitors on your Tumblr blog.

3. Use relevant tags in your post

Using relevant tags is very important to rank your post above your competitor.

The more relevant your tags will be the more reach you will get on your Tumblr account. When your post will be among lots of yours then it is a high chance that you will get a lot amount of followers on Tumblr.

I think this is the easiest way to gain followers on Tumblr.

However, you have to be very smart while choosing hashtags because you also don’t have to be looked like a spammer.

There are various online applications are available where you can find relevant hashtags for your post.

4. Bring traffic from other sources like YouTube

You can make YouTube videos to bring more traffic to your Tumblr blog and with that, you can gain more followers on Tumblr very easily. YouTube is the product of Google and it has billion of viewers and followers all over the world. You can target any industry you want and you will find videos related to that on YouTube.

You can also create video content on YouTube related to your field so that people get triggered to follow your Tumblr blog. This step looks easy but it is not. Creating video content is easy but you have to market it right so that it reaches to right people.

5. Blog commenting and social media posting

90% of the blogs have a comment section in their blog post.

You can utilize this comment section and comment regarding the content and you can request people to follow your Tumblr blog.

If the blog is related to your niche and gets a high amount of organic traffic then you can expect an increase in your followers.

You can also use Facebook, Quora, Pinterest, and YouTube comment section to present your blog to a large number of people. Firstly, comment regarding the content and then softly present your blog and convince people to have a look at it.

6. Good Content

Without any doubt, this is the most important step. Without good content, every trick and tips are just a waste of time.

How you can create a good content

  • Choose only that topic on which you have expertise.
  • Try to add value to people’s lives with the help of your content.
  • Use original and quality images for better engagement.
  • Be professional and share only that content that makes sense.
  • Observe your competitors and create better content in comparison to them.
  • Learn to create that type of content that people love to share.
  • Keep trying and testing the right way of presenting content.

7. Targeted niche

It is important to have a targeted niche or industry before you start your Tumblr blog.

You should have hundreds of content ideas in your mind so that you never run out of material to publish. This targeted topic can take you much ahead and it will help you to gain initial followers.

8. Use High- Quality informative images

Have you ever heard of infographics?

Infographics are nothing but images with lots of information about a particular topic. It’s like a blog post in an image. After the text, video, audio content there is a great demand for infographics to prevail in the marketing industry.

Infographics are also much likely to get shared by the audience because it is helpful. This will surely help you in gaining more followers on your Tumblr blog.

You can also use to make high-quality and informative Tumblr images.

9. Have patience

Patience is the key to get success in digital marketing.

You need to have lots of patience while creating content and waiting for it to get a boost. One thing you should keep in mind while doing all these kinds of stuff is that nothing will happen in a day, week, or month but it will surely grow in a year.

After that, it will rise automatically without even posting content.

But to be in that position you have to have patience till then.

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Final Words on How to get followers on Tumblr

Getting followers on any social media is difficult in starting but when you follow every step honestly and have patience then it is sure that one day you will get success.

Create good content and try to influence people in the right way and try to add values to their lives.

These are some golden rules to dominate social media like a king.

Try to interact with people as much as you can and try to solve their problems.

You can follow these steps to gain followers on Tumblr.

If you have any other strategy which is not mentioned here then you can specify it in the comment section.

I hope this post will be helpful for you in gaining followers on Tumblr. I will keep bringing more informative articles for you in this blog, you can subscribe to our newsletter if you don’t want to miss it.

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