3 Best wordpress plugins for beginners

I am going to list 3 Best WordPress plugins for beginners which you should must-have. These plugins are enough for handling most of the things. And you need not install other plugins if you are a beginner.

Here we go

1. Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack is one of the important plugins, that every beginner should have installed in their WordPress.

This plugin has many advantages.

Here I am listing for you some of its pros.


=>You will be aware of statistics

If you are a beginner with WordPress and even if you are professional too, it will be useful for both. Everyone wants to know the statistics of their blog. So the first and foremost thing I loved about this is this.

As a WordPress beginner, I was worried about statistics like

  1. Total visitors count in a day.
  2. The total page views my site getting in a day.
  3. On what keywords I am getting more page views.
  4. Even which post got how much views can be analyzed through this plugin.
  5. Through this plugin, you can also know where your website or blog getting visitors.
  6. You can also know what links people are clicking on your website which can be very helpful.

=>Site protection

Jetpack is the plugin that also protects your website from malicious login attempts. It is a very important safety feature that you should must-have if you are a beginner with WordPress.


=>You will be aware of uptime of your blog

This plugin will also keep you aware of the uptime of your website. It has the option to monitor the uptime of your blog.


2. Yoast SEO Plugin

Here comes one of the best and most used plugins in WordPress. If you are a beginner in a field of blogging and WordPress, then you must have this plugin at your side. This plugin is an all-rounder when we talk about On-page SEO.

There are many advantages of this plugin –

1. This plugin tells you what to do in posts to rank it on google. It tells you to put internal links, external links and other such things that are necessary to rank the post. It gives you a signal about the readability and SEO level of you post.

When it shows green color it means your On-page SEO is good. And if it is showing red color then it means your On-page SEO is bad and you need to correct things in your post.

2. Yoast SEO plugin also warns you when your keyword density goes higher than recommended by Google.

If your post has higher keyword density for any focus keyword then it won’t rank higher for the same.

3. Yoast SEO also helps you to rank your blog post for multiple keywords. But for this service, you have to pay some amount. Not that much !!!

4. Yoast SEO also helps the blogger to submit their website sitemap in Google and Bing Webmaster. This process is very much helpful for any website to rank higher in the search engines.

To index in Google search engine and to get organic traffic it is necessary to submit a sitemap properly.

Download this plugin.


3. Wp Optimize Plugin

This plugin is one of the best for WordPress beginners and even for advanced users. Wp-optimize plugin has everything which is needed to keep your blog or website at a fast speed.

Wp optimizes plugin helps your website to load faster by deleting unnecessary things from your blog. It deletes things such as unapproved comments, spam comments, trashed posts, and other unnecessary things.

You must have this plugin at your side if you want your website to load faster.

Download this plugin.

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Final words

So, friends, this is it from my side.

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